Emotional Intelligence and Maturity

Salon Training and Coaching With Emotional IntelligenceOne of the Emotional Intelligence and maturity factors for salon owners is recognizing when it’s time for change. Sometimes that is not enough when you are so close to giving up all your dreams for your salon.

Change is one of the most important inner elements to recognize. I can gauge a Salon Owner by their level of Emotional Intelligence and maturity by the determination to not keep doing the same things over and over.

They are ready to learn and move forward.

So, if you are struggling and not sure where to go or what to do, the first step is to MAKE THE DECISION to up your Emotional Intelligence and maturity. Get rid of ego, excuses, rationalizations and the blame game. None of those things will keep your fears and failures away.

Instead they just confirm your resolve to believe in your fears.  It’s easier for salon owners to blame the economy, blame the stylists coming out of school, blame, blame, blame, then to take responsibility for what is happening or not happening.

These are sure signs of emotional immaturity.

When salon owners blame and make excuses to those that have a higher emotional intelligence and maturity and not know it, lose credibility.

Staying in the blame game will not keep your doors open and starve off the fears.

Salon Business Emotional Intelligence TruthThe truth…

I know that salon owners have absolute control over the money they make or do not make.

How is it that I know this?

It has nothing to do with any of the excuses or blame that you want to dish out.  Work on letting go of the blame and excuses. Strengthen your resolve to open your mind to what you are thinking and doing. What you are doing now is not getting you where you want to be.

It’s rather simple really…

I don’t care how long you have been in this industry and think you know it all….   fears and failure to thrive are the evidence!

Do you have the emotional intelligence and maturity to let go of the past salon business experience that is a not working for you?

Make the open-minded decision that you need new working strategies and systems. The results are a successful business and peace of mind!