Salon Training – Cash Flow * Financing

Salon business trainingOne of the most powerful tools for Salon Owners in today’s economy is the use of cash flow. It can often be extremely stressful having to balance all the different areas where cash flow is required.

Especially since clients are not coming in as much as they used to. It can be a perfect solution for the feast or famine sequence that tends to take place in some Salons.

Cash flow when it’s needed, at the time that it is needed. Rivers of cash flow, which provides the means of keeping your doors open. Traditional funding can be very difficult to obtain.

Banks want you to jump through hoops with piles and piles of paperwork and then in the end they often decline.

These are different times, which require different money strategies.

We now have access to 100% funding for you, no upfront costs and you only pay when your salon starts profiting!

Credit is not an issue

Salon Business Financing GrowthWhat a savvy money tool to have at your discretion. Never worry about buying retail product, making payroll, or paying yourself ever again. Yes, I am talking about paying yourself what you are worth!

Not to worry if you have problems with credit or debt ratio is too high.

I take great pride in knowing most owners we can work with. The absolute power of this tool and knowledge can grow your dream salon.

The luxury of Professional Salon Business Consultants, Web Designers and social media experts who mentor you through this guaranteed process. You have our support, skill, and knowledge to see you through.

Feel and receive the abundance of financial support, peace and successful ownership of your salon with no upfront out of pocket money!

Call me now to learn more about how you can finance 100% the growth of your salon or spa, no upfront cost to you and you only pay back when you begin to profit!

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7 Key Points of Leadership

Leadership For Salon OwnersSalon Owners lead staff and stylists to success.

1. Approach every system and activity with a “can-do” spirit.

2. Set an expectation that your optimism is unshakable. An optimistic approach begins with self awareness and knowing what your skill level is in regarding success.

3. Next is your ability to use failure as a growth tool.

4. Have the ability to remain flexible in the face of difficulty.

5. Then make the decision to approach challenge, change and every ability with a go get it and can-do spirit. This approach has proven to enlist others support especially when the trials of leading get tough. Be unshakeable in your confidence.

Communicate your can-do approach as often as possible. It sometimes takes a lot of treading to just keep your head above water. Turn off the negative news shows. Walk away from constants complaints.

Many times it’s a negative habit from people, which they don’t even realize. Constantly take in positive messages to stay positive.

Salon Training and Salon Business Success6. We have found that the most successful Salon Owner Leaders, who gain willing followers, are those that if change, chaos, and uncertainty characterize the complete environment they take the decisive action much more effortlessly.

7. Exceptional Salon Owner Leaders gain commitment rather than rely on command and compliance. They create a desire in follower’s rather than demand that subordinates fulfill requirements. They inspire rather than require.