Salon Leadership – 6 Frequent Consistent Skills for Exceptional Salon Leaders

Spa Manager Training and LeadershipBeing an Exceptional Salon Leader requires 6 frequent and consistent applications of these following skills, especially during the difficult times, that demand leadership action.  Apathy, arrogance and self deception kill leadership potential and destroy your influence.

1.  Always demonstrate how others will benefit if they follow a very exact system

2.  Communicate all directions with consistent praise and a compelling message

3.  Always communicate in ways that your Staff and stylists understand and find acceptable

4.  Work through any resistance so others accept that course of action

5.  Accepts that some of your staff may not follow. Continuously work to gain willing followers

6.  Use established relationships to influence others throughout your salon.

salon-business-trainingDemonstrate rock solid integrity. Rapport defines the affinity that people feel for you. With rapport, people will see in you the best of what they want to be.

Master leaders in the salon industry model rock solid integrity to demonstrate the highest standard of behavior.  You illustrate the best that others want to become. You model commitment. You do not dabble, sip or taste test.

True commitment by the salon owner leader fosters true commitment from your staff and stylists.

In our coaching, we have found that some of the best salon owner leaders are those that build with emotion. They pull forth emotional levels that will influence, motivate and cultivate the successes they know will come forth from the stylist.

We have found that this raises incomes level and builds for you, the salon professional, a happy successful salon.

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