Salon Owner Testimonials


“This business coaching has enabled me to take an objective view of our business and discovering areas that needed systems. I discovered coaching to be an encouraging relationship that inspired me to take charge but to also let go. I feel more like a leader than a slave to my business. ”

Cheryl Keicher
West Linn Hairport, West Linn, OR

“This continually impresses me. Her thirst of knowledge enables business owners
To continually move forward in a proactive approach.”

Michael Cole
Salon Development Corporate, St. Paul, MN

“My business coach delivered as promised. The program put together all of our loose ends in both management and marketing. We wished we had contacted her two years ago. The program is the secret weapon for all salon owners”

Midge Huntington, Proprietor
Salon 2227, Palo Alto, CA

“I would recommend coaching to salon owners who don’t know where to turn. I personally implemented the 4 Steps I learned through the program and achieved substantial results.”

Peggy Jacobi, Proprietor
New Horizons Hair Design, Portland, OR

“Business coaching provided a plan that trained our stylists to manage their business and market their skills.

I saw a 46% increase in services and a 12% increase in retail sales through our one-on-one coaching.”

Don Schendt, Owner
Trade Secrets, Tulsa Oklahoma

“I found out that coaching over the phone and having someone hold you accountable keeps you on your toes all week long.

I like the fact that I had some one personally guiding me thru the steps of making manuals and recapping on what I have already known but was not applying. It turns the light bulb on and gets you thinking.”

Patty Harding, Owner
The Best Little Hair House, Simi Valley, CA


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