Power of Pre-Booking

Salon Pre-Booking TechniquesPre-booking a client’s next appointment before they leave the salon is the most effective way to increase frequency of visits and therefore, sales. We know this, so we make it part of our procedure to always ask if guests if they would like to book their next appointment.

We were feeling pretty good about ourselves when we got our pre-booking up to 18% from virtually none.

The other 82% would say “I can’t, I never know my schedule.”

Our business coach from Salon Consortium/SalonWealthPro came to town to do a class for us. We talked about the importance of pre-booking and the next day he promised to buy us all Starbucks if we pre-booked 50%.

Prior to that day our best pre-booking rate was 24%.

Hair Salons Business at 50% Pre-Booking!I admit – I thought he was nuts. There was no way we could pre-book 50%.

After the first two guests of the day checked out we were 0 for 2. My salon coordinator looked dejected. Then our coach told her to go back up front and book appointments for the guests who were currently in the styling chair.

When they check out tell them, “Since the holidays are coming up I took the liberty of booking your next appointment for you. Let us know jf this time doesn’t work for you.” I was mortified. She came back a few minutes later … “2 for 2!”

We pre-booked 79% that day. I had my coffee with a side order of crow.

Since that time we have changed our confirmation procedures to two days in advance instead of one. We still had a sharp increase in no-shows.

The beauty of it though is that even with the no shows we were busier than we’d been in months! We’ve settled in to about a 55% pre-book rate. Since our book is more full, those who choose not to pre-book are finding it more difficult to see their preferred stylist. We figure it’s just a matter of time before we win them over.

Right now is the perfect time to start a pro-active pre-booking program and take up this challenge. There’s always an excuse!

So, instead of coming up with all the excuses of why you can’t do this right now, turn your excuses into your REASONS.

We’ve shared this story with other salons in our coaching program and they have all had similar results.

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