New Government Rules Put Money Back in Your Pocket!

FACT: Businesses Who Stay on the Cutting Edge of New Government Rules Keep More Profits!

For many years business owners were at the mercy of BIG BANKS when dealing with credit card processing. As a Merchant, it is assumed and expected that processing fees are simply a cost of doing business. Because business owners had no power to change this relationship, trillions of dollars in profits have been eaten up for the ease and benefit of the consumer.

Today, all of that has changed. Have you noticed local government agencies such as the DMV are passing on fees to their consumer? The same is occurring with Gas Stations around the United States. Why? In 2010 a new Government Regulation was introduced called the Durbin Amendment. This Amendment accomplished two important points. The first, to impose limits on the fees a bank or card network can charge for processing. The Second, to allow business owners to pass those fees onto the consumer.


Eliminating your processing fees completely and replacing it with a low flat monthly payment! That’s correct. “For The Merchants” is a company who educates business owners of this rule change and help with the transition onto a program designed to comply with the rules and put thousands of dollars back in your pocket day one. Watch this short introduction video on the FTM program to learn more.

Not all Salon’s accept payments in a similar fashion. Some accept all payments through a central payment system. Others hire an independent stylist who accepts payments from their client and pay a rental/lease fee on a monthly basis. Regardless of how you accept payments, is confident our friends at “For The Merchants” can help if you qualify for the Cash Discount Program!

Request your free consultation by filling this form and an FTM Representative will happily answer your questions and help eliminate your fees today!



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