New Government Rules Put Money Back in Your Pocket!

FACT: Businesses Who Stay on the Cutting Edge of New Government Rules Keep More Profits!

For many years business owners were at the mercy of BIG BANKS when dealing with credit card processing. As a Merchant, it is assumed and expected that processing fees are simply a cost of doing business. Because business owners had no power to change this relationship, trillions of dollars in profits have been eaten up for the ease and benefit of the consumer.

Today, all of that has changed. Have you noticed local government agencies such as the DMV are passing on fees to their consumer? The same is occurring with Gas Stations around the United States. Why? In 2010 a new Government Regulation was introduced called the Durbin Amendment. This Amendment accomplished two important points. The first, to impose limits on the fees a bank or card network can charge for processing. The Second, to allow business owners to pass those fees onto the consumer.


Eliminating your processing fees completely and replacing it with a low flat monthly payment! That’s correct. “For The Merchants” is a company who educates business owners of this rule change and help with the transition onto a program designed to comply with the rules and put thousands of dollars back in your pocket day one. Watch this short introduction video on the FTM program to learn more.

Not all Salon’s accept payments in a similar fashion. Some accept all payments through a central payment system. Others hire an independent stylist who accepts payments from their client and pay a rental/lease fee on a monthly basis. Regardless of how you accept payments, is confident our friends at “For The Merchants” can help if you qualify for the Cash Discount Program!

Request your free consultation by filling this form and an FTM Representative will happily answer your questions and help eliminate your fees today!



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    Salon Business Training and Mentoring

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    Business Coaching for Entrepreneurial Individuals Building a New Salon & Personal Business Development for New & Experienced Salon Owners

    As a new or experienced Salon Owner are you facing some or all of these issues?

    Ø How to begin?
    Ø Writing a comprehensive business plan
    Ø Writing 3 years financial projections
    Ø Direction for getting the financing for your business. What you need to take to the bank.
    Ø Writing a strong mission and vision statement to reflect your new business
    Ø Writing policies and procedure manuals insuring future success
    Ø Tips on how to negotiate your lease
    Ø Finding the best location for your business based on experience from other salon owners
    Ø Not knowing how to fill your salon with stylists and customers
    Ø Busy working behind the chair without time management

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      Salon Leadership – 6 Frequent Consistent Skills for Exceptional Salon Leaders

      Spa Manager Training and LeadershipBeing an Exceptional Salon Leader requires 6 frequent and consistent applications of these following skills, especially during the difficult times, that demand leadership action.  Apathy, arrogance and self deception kill leadership potential and destroy your influence.

      1.  Always demonstrate how others will benefit if they follow a very exact system

      2.  Communicate all directions with consistent praise and a compelling message

      3.  Always communicate in ways that your Staff and stylists understand and find acceptable

      4.  Work through any resistance so others accept that course of action

      5.  Accepts that some of your staff may not follow. Continuously work to gain willing followers

      6.  Use established relationships to influence others throughout your salon.

      salon-business-trainingDemonstrate rock solid integrity. Rapport defines the affinity that people feel for you. With rapport, people will see in you the best of what they want to be.

      Master leaders in the salon industry model rock solid integrity to demonstrate the highest standard of behavior.  You illustrate the best that others want to become. You model commitment. You do not dabble, sip or taste test.

      True commitment by the salon owner leader fosters true commitment from your staff and stylists.

      In our coaching, we have found that some of the best salon owner leaders are those that build with emotion. They pull forth emotional levels that will influence, motivate and cultivate the successes they know will come forth from the stylist.

      We have found that this raises incomes level and builds for you, the salon professional, a happy successful salon.

      Call us to learn more about salon training…801.631-7557

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        Salon Training – Cash Flow * Financing

        Salon business trainingOne of the most powerful tools for Salon Owners in today’s economy is the use of cash flow. It can often be extremely stressful having to balance all the different areas where cash flow is required.

        Especially since clients are not coming in as much as they used to. It can be a perfect solution for the feast or famine sequence that tends to take place in some Salons.

        Cash flow when it’s needed, at the time that it is needed. Rivers of cash flow, which provides the means of keeping your doors open. Traditional funding can be very difficult to obtain.

        Banks want you to jump through hoops with piles and piles of paperwork and then in the end they often decline.

        These are different times, which require different money strategies.

        We now have access to 100% funding for you, no upfront costs and you only pay when your salon starts profiting!

        Credit is not an issue

        Salon Business Financing GrowthWhat a savvy money tool to have at your discretion. Never worry about buying retail product, making payroll, or paying yourself ever again. Yes, I am talking about paying yourself what you are worth!

        Not to worry if you have problems with credit or debt ratio is too high.

        I take great pride in knowing most owners we can work with. The absolute power of this tool and knowledge can grow your dream salon.

        The luxury of Professional Salon Business Consultants, Web Designers and social media experts who mentor you through this guaranteed process. You have our support, skill, and knowledge to see you through.

        Feel and receive the abundance of financial support, peace and successful ownership of your salon with no upfront out of pocket money!

        Call me now to learn more about how you can finance 100% the growth of your salon or spa, no upfront cost to you and you only pay back when you begin to profit!

        Your Salon Success Consultant, Stacie Mansell:  801.631-7557

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          7 Key Points of Leadership

          Leadership For Salon OwnersSalon Owners lead staff and stylists to success.

          1. Approach every system and activity with a “can-do” spirit.

          2. Set an expectation that your optimism is unshakable. An optimistic approach begins with self awareness and knowing what your skill level is in regarding success.

          3. Next is your ability to use failure as a growth tool.

          4. Have the ability to remain flexible in the face of difficulty.

          5. Then make the decision to approach challenge, change and every ability with a go get it and can-do spirit. This approach has proven to enlist others support especially when the trials of leading get tough. Be unshakeable in your confidence.

          Communicate your can-do approach as often as possible. It sometimes takes a lot of treading to just keep your head above water. Turn off the negative news shows. Walk away from constants complaints.

          Many times it’s a negative habit from people, which they don’t even realize. Constantly take in positive messages to stay positive.

          Salon Training and Salon Business Success6. We have found that the most successful Salon Owner Leaders, who gain willing followers, are those that if change, chaos, and uncertainty characterize the complete environment they take the decisive action much more effortlessly.

          7. Exceptional Salon Owner Leaders gain commitment rather than rely on command and compliance. They create a desire in follower’s rather than demand that subordinates fulfill requirements. They inspire rather than require.


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            Commissioned Stylists Hiring Stress

            hiring commission stylists stressIt’s really a concern for me when I see that a salon owner has opted to booth rent because they have struggled so hard with commission-based stylists.

            It’s concerning to note that so many owners believe that they can’t afford commission booths. I have found that it’s because of many factors:

            • Stress of the paperwork
            • Withholding of taxes
            • Health insurance and so on

            Truthfully many Owners don’t know how to do the paperwork.

            I have also found that the lack of customers for this commission stylist becomes a problem. It’s all in the marketing of building clients the right way that does not cost a huge investment in money.

            So, if you don’t have enough new customers for that commissioned stylist, then the owner will sometimes sacrifice some of his or her clients to this stylist. Then, that takes money out of the owner’s pockets.

            Just this one system alone can fill the appointment book in abundance for that new stylist. The owner never has to sacrifice their hard earned customers. With a small amount of appointments on the books for this stylist, it becomes a problem over time if you don’t implement it correctly.

            The owner has a hard time justifying the commission station. It’s just a stressful cycle that goes on and on until the owner can’t do it anymore or the stylist quits because they can’t make the money they want and walk away.

            Then they both believe booth rent is the answer.

            This is so far from the truth that it makes me sad to see that financial independence goes out the window for that owner and stylist. When worked correctly that station alone could make that owner and stylist the money they deserve to have.

            To learn more about how to make a commissioned stylist approach work for your salon and increase your revenues substantially, download our ebook below, now!

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              Emotional Intelligence and Maturity

              Salon Training and Coaching With Emotional IntelligenceOne of the Emotional Intelligence and maturity factors for salon owners is recognizing when it’s time for change. Sometimes that is not enough when you are so close to giving up all your dreams for your salon.

              Change is one of the most important inner elements to recognize. I can gauge a Salon Owner by their level of Emotional Intelligence and maturity by the determination to not keep doing the same things over and over.

              They are ready to learn and move forward.

              So, if you are struggling and not sure where to go or what to do, the first step is to MAKE THE DECISION to up your Emotional Intelligence and maturity. Get rid of ego, excuses, rationalizations and the blame game. None of those things will keep your fears and failures away.

              Instead they just confirm your resolve to believe in your fears.  It’s easier for salon owners to blame the economy, blame the stylists coming out of school, blame, blame, blame, then to take responsibility for what is happening or not happening.

              These are sure signs of emotional immaturity.

              When salon owners blame and make excuses to those that have a higher emotional intelligence and maturity and not know it, lose credibility.

              Staying in the blame game will not keep your doors open and starve off the fears.

              Salon Business Emotional Intelligence TruthThe truth…

              I know that salon owners have absolute control over the money they make or do not make.

              How is it that I know this?

              It has nothing to do with any of the excuses or blame that you want to dish out.  Work on letting go of the blame and excuses. Strengthen your resolve to open your mind to what you are thinking and doing. What you are doing now is not getting you where you want to be.

              It’s rather simple really…

              I don’t care how long you have been in this industry and think you know it all….   fears and failure to thrive are the evidence!

              Do you have the emotional intelligence and maturity to let go of the past salon business experience that is a not working for you?

              Make the open-minded decision that you need new working strategies and systems. The results are a successful business and peace of mind!

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